Raising the Crown


With a twist or two in the classic Romeo & Juliet story, Luca Palladino is a young, intelligent prince who represents the forbidden love between the famous musician and actor Vince Palladino and Princess Camila Juric, both of whom are from two entirely different neighboring cultures that have been at war with each other over land for many a century. In the wake of Camila’s death, only ten years after their split, Vince learns not only how vital Camila was in her culture, but he also learns of the ten-year-old son he never knew he had with her. Vince struggles with his Hollywood fame and already being a father of two younger boys while another child is on the way with his wife. While dealing with the loss of his first true love all over again, Vince learns that Prince Luca’s stepfather secretly abused him in more ways than one. Upon revelation of this devastating news, Vince decides to eventually give up his fame to raise Luca into a kind, respectful young king that will break down the barriers of racism and hatred of two warring nations while bringing two beautiful cultures together in peace at last.

Reader Reviews:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Aimee V. in the United States on February 11th, 2021.

“The journey this story takes you on is an amazing emotional rollercoaster. It’s heartbreaking, yet it fills you with hope for better things to come. The characters are complex, but easy to relate to. Truly an inspirational piece, a must read! I’d love a hard copy of this book, so I hope to see it in print someday!”

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Reviewed by Robert Helliger, a Young Adult Romance, Horror, and Science Fiction Author, on Booksie in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on September 14th, 2019.

“A wonderfully written romantic novel.”

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Presently Raising the Crown is only released in English until completion, but it will be translated directly by Jenah Pierce in Italian. An English-Italiano bilingual version will also be coming soon as educational material for all English and Italian language learners.


100% free for life (gratuito per la vita) in English and Italiano language translations.

Author’s Rating:

Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+) for some use of profane language, some suggestive sexual content, and a few brief descriptions suggesting some characters have been through child abuse as well as domestic violence (Please Note: This is based on the currently available content that has been released and published to date. Author’s rating is subject to change upon release of content as the story progresses).

Raising the Crown
Third Edition
Photo taken by Olya Adamovich.

Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.
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