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Mature Audiences Only

This page is dedicated to listing all of Jenah Pierce’s novels which heavily revolve around dark themes. The books listed below may be part of a series, or they may be standalone novels. The title of the series will be listed, and the series dedicated page will list all the works that are included with the series.


These books listed below were written with the intention of raising awareness, while also tearing down the negative stigma surrounding victims, on the following sensitive issues: anxiety, depression, domestic violence, PTSD, rape, self-harm, and suicide.

These works of fiction will depict graphic images and scenes that may be considered disturbing, offensive, or triggering. If you are an individual who’s ever been directly affected by any number of the aforementioned sensitive issues, these novels will not be suited for you.

Read at Your Own Risk

Please feel free to check out any of the titles listed below. However, once you click on any of the titles, you will then be prompted to put in an answer to the question below. If your answer is Yes (case sensitive), you will be granted access to the dedicated book/series page and all its content.

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Broken series

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