A Temporary Pause on Writing.

Hello, ladies & gentlemen, and welcome back to my site.

Due to a recent event of completely breaking my radius bone in my left wrist, and having had surgery on it as of yesterday to realign it back in place, I must put a temporary pause on my writing, as well as my newest project, A Year of Positivity.

When I’m feeling better, I will likely continue writing through means of dictation (speech to text), but for the moment, I need to be completely focused on rest and recovery.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, though I truly appreciate your patience with me on this as well.

Thank you for understanding.

With All My Love,
Jenah Pierce

“Dawn of Darkness” Official Release Date.

Hello, folks, and welcome back to my site! I hope this message finds you all well and in good health. As the title of this update suggests, I am thrilled to announce that Dawn of Darkness, sequel to my debut novel, Broken, is officially going to be released on May 31st, 2021 on all major retailer platforms. You may see it available for Amazon, though for the time being I ask that you do not make any purchases until May 31st, 2021 due to behind-the-scene matters that will take a few days to be addressed and processed. I already have a book trailer I will post here, on Facebook, and on Instagram. It’s all ready and waiting until May 31st, and once it’s uploaded, then that will be my official announcement that it’s available on whichever platform you choose to purchase Dawn of Darkness.

I’m quite excited that at long last Dawn of Darkness is finally here. I thank each and every one of you who’ve purchased and read its sister novel. I also thank you for being so patient in waiting for Dawn of Darkness to come out. I’m officially going to be throwing all my writing focus on Collide until that book is finished. From there, I will be wrapping up Finding Dakota, which has been years in the making and almost approaching its finish line. There is no word yet on a release date for either of them, though I promise they’ll be out soon!

This about does it for updates. It’s my 33rd birthday today and I’m celebrating it with my sweetie and my grandmother. I hope to see you back here or on my social media handles on May 31st!

Ciao for now!
All my love,

A New Page With a Dawn of Darkness Book Update.

Hello, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I hope all is well! It’s been a while since I’ve formally added any news to this site, as I’ve mostly kept my updates on my Facebook page. I have a special announcement for this website, and an awesome update on my Dawn of Darkness manuscript, which if you don’t know is the sequel to Broken. Content editing for Dawn of Darkness has officially been finalized, and has now entered the stage of book formatting for eBook and Print editions. I’m thrilled about this next phase, as it shouldn’t take too long for formatting, and I can’t wait to get this book in your hands to read!

As for this website, I’ve launched a new and exciting feature: book reviews! I’ve done some migration of book ratings already published from the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Booksie publishing platforms. This extra feature I’ve added to my website for book reviews will not feed any additional reviews to each respective platform, as you will have to go to each individual platform respectively if you wish to post reviews there, which is still encouraged and highly appreciated, by the way! I thought it would be nice to add star ratings and formal reviews to my books, as they may be helpful to any first-time visitors to my site, or they may help other people determine whether my books are for them. Right now the only titles that have any reviews are Whitney’s Reprisal, Broken, Lovely Blue Eyes, and Raising the Crown, but if you wish to leave a review for them or anything else, please head on over to the new dedicated page for Book Reviews.

This about does it for updates right now. If you’re a first-time visitor to my site, I wish you a warm welcome. Feel free to check out what I have available and see what’s coming soon! If you’re unsure about purchasing anything, that’s okay. I have some books that are 100% free to read too! Either way, thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Have a joyous, healthy, prosperous, and safe new year! Ciao for now, folks!

All My Love,

Content Poll for National Novel Writing Month.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my corner of the web. I’ve made a decision to participate in #NaNoWriMo2020 for the first time. NaNoWriMo is a well-known acronym among the writing community which stands for National Novel Writing Month, where hundreds –if not thousands– of writers use the month of November to write en entire 50,000 word novel in 30 days from start to finish. I rarely take part, because I like to ensure my novels are approximately 80,000 words or more, but I figured this could be a little fun and switch gears for a bit. I am unsure of which piece I want to enter the contest with, but I know I want it to publish it for free.

I need your help, and in return, you will have an entire novel completed and free for you to read in December. There are 5 choices I have selected below. You may recognize a few of them from other sections of this website, but there are also a couple that will be unfamiliar, and never-before-mentioned until now. As always, I write all my works of fiction with a special message or two. This poll runs through until the end of October, and whichever title has the most votes at the stroke of midnight will be the piece being written in November, with a published release that will be 100% free. Once you read the brief summaries below, please take a vote on which work of fiction draws you in the most, and please share this poll. I appreciate all the votes and your time in helping me to make a final decision. If we end up with a tie, I will cast the final vote, and make the second best a future one for free in 2021 – maybe even for #NaNoWriMo2021 if things go well. Again, thank you so much, and may you have a wonderful week ahead!

COLLIDE (Christian Romance)
A lone young woman in a coma struggles in her anger and frustration to forgive the person who put her there by accidentally crashing his car head on with hers during a failed alcohol-induced mission to end his life. The same troubled young man realizes how his selfish action has affected the innocent woman’s life by his own destructive behavior, and he struggles to find redemption and forgiveness. What may seem like a tragic event only turns into a beautiful collision of two strangers through pain, love, redemption, and forgiveness.

CONNECTED (Young Adult/Romance)
Two brothers raised separately end up clashing when they finally meet and their father asks them to bond, though in a bizarre twist of their lives being swapped they soon come to appreciate one another, and will forever be connected through a unique bond, but heartwarming way.

KAYLEIGH’S HEART (Coming-of-Age Romance/Young Adult)
A high school senior struggles with losing his childhood best friend and first love, and in a feeble attempt to understand why she would take her own life, he tries to draw clues from her suicide email letter, and soon he finds himself on a special journey she made just for him.

LEFT AHEAD (Science-Fiction/Young Adult)
A teenaged trio end up traveling forward a millennium through a chance encounter with a time machine which mysteriously appears in the middle of their street on one random day. Upon confiscation of the traveling device in the new era, which has banned all use of any time machine, the trio struggle through the unfamiliar time to make it back to their own present while trying not to alter the course of time itself.

A lone marine on a mission to deliver a fallen soldier’s last letter finds love, family, tragedy, and war in the most unexpected ways.

A New Free Novel, “My World.”

Hello, and welcome back to my corner! I hope summer has been treating everyone well. I know we’re all going through a tough time with this global pandemic, and as a courtesy response, I want to let my readers know that I am putting another novel on the market for free. I understand that many are under a lot of financial stress, any may not be able to make purchases on books right now, and that’s okay. With that said, I would like to introduce you to a new piece of fiction: My World.

A little background information – this manuscript was previously released online in a private forum back in 2010, and I wrote it then as a Young Adult novel with Drama and Romance sub-genres. It’s now being redesigned as a Young Adult novel with the subgenres of Coming-of-Age and Christian. It will still incorporate dramatic and romantic themes, though. It was also originally released as a third-person narrative, but now it will be re-written in the style of first-person narration. My World is about a dying man who recounts his best and worst moments as a wild teenager who turns his life around through faith, and through the one person on earth, who matters more to him than anyone else, his daughter.

You can read the official synopsis, author rating, and more by clicking on the Cover Design below. From the official page, you can also find the direct link to where the novel is being hosted online for free. You can also go directly to the site by clicking on the title above the Cover Design. The prologue is a little short, but I’m excited to say I think it’s a great introduction to the novel. I encourage everyone to check it out, and I hope you enjoy your read until next week’s release! Thank you so much for reading my update and for visiting my site. I hope you and yours have a wonderful week ahead. Take care and peace and good health to all!

My World

Special Announcement regarding, “Dawn of Darkness.”

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Tonight’s special announcement will be brief, but entirely dedicated to Dawn of Darkness, the sequel to my Romance-Suspense novel, Broken. I write to you tonight to tell you all that I have officially finished the manuscript, and it has gone been placed in the hands of my editor. It’s a big moment for me, and one that all my Broken fans have all been waiting for! I know I said I was going to continue releasing a chapter of Raising the Crown for every chapter I finished of Dawn of Darkness, but when it came down to the last three, and completed one, I ended up on a roll that I couldn’t stop.

I am taking a little mini break for the weekend for a very special weekend getaway, but when I return, I will promptly resume my duty with writing Raising the Crown. In the meantime, because Dawn of Darkness is now officially in the editing stage, I would like to share its official book cover design. If you have been paying attention, you will have already seen a sneak peek preview of it in my latest introduction video on my Facebook page, or you may have seen it in my emailing list, but I will share it once more in this news update as well. We are so close! We just have to wrap up the final stage of this book, and then it will be in your hands very, very soon! Now for your pleasure, I am excited to share with you the Official Book Cover Design for Dawn of Darkness.

Before I let you go, I’d like to add an additional announcement on top of this. For everyone who signs up for my Premium Access Emailing List, you will get a very special FREE sneak peek into the first 3 chapters of Dawn of Darkness, starting in the next couple of weeks (after editing has been finalized, of course). If you are interested in this, or you cannot wait until the book is officially out before reading more of what’s happening with the story continuing from Broken, now would be an excellent opportunity to sign up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. May peace and good health be with you all!


Website Changes and Content Update.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my corner of the web! As you may have already noticed, the content in the layout of the site has changed quite a bit. I’ve decided to clean up the menu’s page links and re-organize them. Now you, the visitor, are able to go into each respective sub-genre that I write, and there you can find more information about the works I have published or will be publishing soon. Each published work and each piece I will be publishing have their own special page to learn more about what they’ll be about, and each (published) book page will contain my personal rating, format availability, and its price(s).

The only exception to this rule on special pages for each book – for now – is Dawn of Darkness and Stronger. Being that they are part of a trilogy with Broken, and they are not yet published, I don’t want to reveal any information about them yet. I will say one thing about Dawn of Darkness though. I am working on the third last chapter, which means I have two and a half chapters to go before the manuscript is completed. Then it will go into editing, and upon completion of this phase, we’re then much closer to getting it printed and in your hands!

In the meantime, please check out the newest content layout and see what new titles I am working on. There’s a little something in every sub-genre I’m writing, so I highly encourage you to check it all out. Also, if you are interested in reading the first few chapters of each piece I write before opting into purchasing them when they’re on the market in the near future, now would be a good opportunity to sign up for my Premium Access weekly emailing list. As an added bonus piece of inside information, you will even get FREE access to the first three chapters of Dawn of Darkness in the very, very near future! All you have to do is provide your email address. That is all the update I have for now. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. May peace and good health be with you and all your loved ones.


Emailing Service Update With a Special Pre-Release.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my corner of the web! Earlier this week, I ran into issues with getting my weekly email out. The issue has been resolved as of this morning, so with that said, for those of you ihave already signed up, you should have received your week #2 and week #3 emails (if they’re not in your main inbox, please check your spam and/or junk folders). Week #3’s email has a very, very special pre-release content (which won’t be available for the general public until fall 2020) that belongs to Dawn of Darkness, sequel to my debut Romance-Suspense novel, Broken. In this same email you will also have access to free content related to another series I am working on, where you personally have an opportunity to provide feedback for me and you’ll get a special surprise as my thanks to all your feedback. If you have not yet signed up for the emailing list, please head on over to the Premium Access page and check it out. You are not required to provide any information, except your email address, which will remain private for my eyes only. That is all for now. Thank you all for your patience and support. Until my next posting, may peace, joy, and good health follow you and all your loved ones.


A Few New Changes.

Hello, everyone. I hope this message finds you doing well and in good health! I have several changes I would love to share with you. The first one is quite obvious: there’s been a change in the website design, layout, and of course a new official domain name to www.JenahPierce.com. There is just something about this design that feels more . . . me! I absolutely love being in nature, and this just feels very earthy and relaxing.

I have also made a change to the Cover Design of Whitney’s Reprisal, because I felt like the second edition design wasn’t quite capturing the essence of the excerpt, so I went ahead and redid it, and found myself quite satisfied with the new design! I also made a few small changes to the content too, though nothing major – just minor stuff that irked me. I uploaded the new design and third edition content to Amazon. I would have updated it to the Kobo platform, where I had it up for free initially with the first and second editions. Kobo has since gotten way too complicated and stubborn to the point that I spent hours trying to upload the latest edition. I couldn’t get it up the way I wanted, so I sadly had to de-list it from Kobo.

Photo taken by Mike Ralph.
Cover Design by Jenah Pierce

Whitney’s Reprisal
Third and Final Edition.
Copyright © 2020, 2018, 2017 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Fret not, ladies and gentlemen! Even though I can no longer offer the third and final edition of Whitney’s Reprisal for free on Kobo, I have a substitute in mind for you! If you still want the third edition of Whitney’s Reprisal for free, then you will want to consider signing up for my new emailing list that you can find on the right hand navigation panel of my page under Premium Access, and you can also find it up top in my main links menu. This brings me to another new change I would like to share with you. As of today, my emailing subscription list has gone live!

What does that mean? It means if you sign up for my emailing list (which is free with just your email address), then you will have premium access to free content before anyone else, sneak peaks into upcoming projects, book giveaways in the future through means of contests and random drawings, etc. This would be a great opportunity to consider, and I highly encourage you to check it out, but I do have one thing I would like to ask of you. I am just starting this email subscription service, so I still have to put content into it. It may take me a little bit to load everything into it, as it is complicated and I want to do it right, because this a brand new way of me being able to connect with you on a more weekly basis. I promise I will deliver the free gifts I have announced in the Premium Access page, but I just need a couple days to get that all started. So if you can bear with me on that, I would greatly appreciate it, and I will especially add an extra special thanks of appreciation with your patience and confidence in me. You guys are really awesome and I’m beyond thrilled to be rolling out this new feature!

There is one more piece of news, news that I know some of you have been waiting anxiously for! I have officially released Chapter 21 of Raising the Crown. It took me a little bit to get it finished, because I didn’t like how I wrote the ending part of it the first time I wrote it, so I changed it up to something a little more satisfactory. You may click on its Cover Design below to access the chapter. I do have more changes coming soon, but those require a little more patience and time from me before I can roll those out, so this is all I have for now.

May you all be in peace and good health during these challenging times!

Best Regards,

A Free Short Story, “Lovely Blue Eyes.”

Hello, everyone, I hope this post finds you well, wherever you are. For those of you who have been following my work, I am pleased to announce I have randomly decided to publish a free-for-all short story. In my entire writing career from the time I first wrote a mandatory short story in eighth grade up to today, I have only ever written 3 short stories. The first one I wrote was actually a partnership with a former classmate of mine I have lost contact with since middle school, so I will not be publishing that one. My other two short stories have indeed been written solely by yours truly, and though I am editing the third piece I have written, I am pleased to say that I have released one of them for free, Lovely Blue Eyes.

I dare say that Lovely Blue Eyes is perhaps the absolute shortest of my 3 short stories, so the next one I publish (date TBA) will actually be longer than this one, but this piece will soon have a “little surprise” about it that nothing I’ve written to date will have yet. For more information, please read below. A little fun fact: I wrote and completed this short story on December 6th, 2009, so this piece is just about 3 months shy of 10 years old, but I had fun giving it a little makeover. 😉 Should you be interested in checking out this newest free-for-all content now available online, please don’t hesitate to click on the link attached to its title as it is first mentioned in this post, or you can click on the link in the main menu, but either way I hope you enjoy it!

Top photo (eyes) taken by Gabe Morales.
Bottom photo taken by Linh Nguyen.
Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.

Genre: Fiction.
Subgenre(s): Coming-of-Age, Drama, Romance, and Young Adult.
First Publication Date: September 3rd, 2019.
Format Availability: Available online via all electronic devices.
Synopsis:  Noah is an only child first raised by a loving aunt until her untimely death on his 9th birthday, at which point he is then placed into his horribly violent and abusive father’s care. Will Noah manage to break free from his wretched home life or will he become entirely consumed by his father’s lies and hatred toward him?
Price: Free. 
Reason to Read: It’s free, won’t take up too much of your time in one sitting, and it will come with an audio file (date TBA, but coming soon). 😉
Author’s Rating: PG-13.

Lovely Blue Eyes
Second Edition
Copyright © 2019 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.