About the author

Jenah Pierce is an Author who writes General Suspense Fiction, Romance and Romance-Suspense Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction. She is also an upcoming Crime Fantasy-Thriller Fiction Author. Among her list of published works are Whitney’s Reprisal, Broken, Dawn of Darkness, Raising the Crown (free), Lovely Blue Eyes (free), along with Finding Dakota (General Suspense). Coming up next in 2022 for publication will be Collide (Christian Romance). Jenah is also hard at work on a variety of other manuscripts set for public release in 2022: Nightmare in the Mirror (book #3 of the Broken series), Kayleigh’s Heart (Young Adult Romance), along with Rachael’s Voice (sub-genre TBA) and Saving Jacob’s Rose (Romance). Writing fiction has been a passion of Jenah’s since she was fifteen years old, and she enjoys challenging herself with new and different sub-genres, though she remains committed to bringing real-world issues to her readers through her written works to raise awareness and help tear down negative stigma surrounding those faced directly or indirectly with issues such as, but not limited to domestic violence, rape, self-harm, and suicide.

Jenah was born in Virginia, and spent the first couple years of her life there while her parents were in the United States Air Force, but then she moved to the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania where she resided during the rest of her childhood and adolescence. She is a graduate of Salisbury Senior High School in Allentown, PA, and she has taken acting and modeling classes with Image International of Allentown, PA. Also under her belt are additional acting classes with the John Casablancas Center in the greater Philadelphia area, for she aspired to be an actress and model, and eventually moved out to California at the age of 21. Upon her first year out in San Diego, Jenah realized her true dreams lied with becoming a published Fiction Author. She found work outside of the spotlight while she worked quietly on her writing.

At the age of twenty-three, Jenah returned back to the Lehigh Valley to spend more time with her family, and to work hard on her manuscripts. She is thirty-three and currently lives with, and takes care of, her maternal grandmother with whom she is very close to. Jenah enjoys a variety of hobbies and passions including, but not limited to Irish step and Country line dancing, spending time with family, friends, and her significant other, as well as listening to music, traveling, and trying out new and exciting adventures both local and abroad. She also loves to read, and some authors she is inspired by include, but are not limited to Mary Higgins Clark, as well as John Grisham, and Stephen King.

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