Google Books Partnership Cancellation & A New Update on “Finding Dakota.”

Ciao, folks, and Happy Monday!

Just a short little update here. I’d been waiting for Finding Dakota to hit the Google Book platform shelves before announcing that every platform was up and running for sale. However, there is a partnership error with Google Books and my bank, which cannot be resolved, as my bank will not accept the partnership; therefore, I am cancelling my partnership with the Google Books platform and none of my books will be available to purchase in the Google Book store. For now, you will see that Broken is still an available option, but that is because Broken was published with another publisher. As of September 2022, Broken will be pulled from the shelves everywhere to undergo a second edition print, and I will be publishing it directly.

For those of you who have been waiting for an update about the final publication news for Finding Dakota, I am pleased to announce that it’s now available on all the major retail platforms. Feel free to head on over to the Finding Dakota dedication page to learn more about it, such as pricing, and special links on where to buy the book. I had initially intended on publishing the Hardcover format with the price of $24.99 but due to the huge increase in printing costs, I unfortunately had to change the final price to $29.99. I sincerely apologize for the price hike in that regard, but I can tell you that with the exception of Amazon, every other retailer (like Barnes & Noble) will sell the book with the dust jacket. Amazon is the exception because their printers don’t currently print with dust jackets.

I will be changing the landing page book trailer to Finding Dakota once I update the seller page of the video to remove the Google Books retail icon. You should see this change automatically when you first visit this website by this evening at approximately 7 PM EST. This will be my final announcement about the finalized publication details for Finding Dakota. If you’re just tuning into my website for the first time, and you’re not sure what this book is about, please feel free to check out the dedicated page for all kinds of information. If you purchase my book, reviews are greatly appreciated on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc. Thank you all for being so patient with me throughout this season.

Happy Reading!

All My Love,
Jenah Pierce

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