Finding Dakota Book Launch Update.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

My household is feeling a little under the weather for yet another Christmas but we’re okay with keeping things low-key. As for my latest book, Finding Dakota, I’m thrilled to announce this book is now available for purchase as an eBook in the Kindle store on Amazon. I had problems initially with uploading the print files and had to go back to my graphic designer for a change in file types for the cover to the book. I sincerely apologize for the delay in this, as it wasn’t something I had anticipated. However, I’ve gotten resolutions implemented.

It may be a week or so before everything starts to show up for Paperback and Hardcover purchases. Also, I know there have been delays with printing on the global scale through IngramSpark platforms that feed to most Print-on-Demand retail platform services due to staffing shortages in both of the industries of printing and shipping. However, that is something no author has any control over. Regardless, though, I will remain vigilant on a daily basis and update you when there is an update to share. If you’re interested in purchasing the digital format in the Kindle store, feel free to check out the dedicated page for Finding Dakota. The first of the reputable retail links (for Amazon Kindle) has been listed there for your convenience.

Also, it’s been brought to my attention in the writing community that some authors are experiencing scams going on with the sales of their books. That being said, I’ve decided to add an actual price expectancy to my dedicated book pages. Previously, I had it simply listed as prices being varied, depending on the preference of format and retail shopping. Going forward, I will be listing the prices that are registered with the ISBNs of my books. It’s common to see a difference in a few dollars due to shipping costs, taxes, etc. However, when there’s a substantial price hike that’s double, triple, or more, then please note the ones charging those price hikes are likely to be scams. I, personally, have not seen any scams going around with my books, though I also want my readers to be careful of where they purchase my books, or books of other authors they love.

That will be all for now. Stay tuned for another update soon! Thank you so much for your patience, support, and understanding. Merry Christmas and may peace be with you and yours.

All My Love,
Jenah Pierce

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