Special Chapter Reading of My Upcoming Novel, “Finding Dakota.”

Hello, everyone, and thank you so much for checking out my corner of the web. As you can tell by the title, I have an exciting announcement for you. The manuscript for my upcoming novel, Finding Dakota, has been completed and is now undergoing editing through the remainder of 2021. I anticipate its release date for publication to come sometime between January and March 2022, so please stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, I have a special surprise for you, which is a chapter reading that’s been hosted by Luna Willows and yours truly on our podcast, The Flow of Ink. For your convenience, I’ve loaded the episode just below this message. Feel free to check it out and enjoy!

(Please Note: Subtitles don’t match the entire audio. Characters listed in order of appearance in Chapter 13 are: Kaelyn, Daniel & Jacob Denner, Dr. Denner & Alice, and Matthew & Vinessa Denner. Characters listed in order of appearance in Chapter 16 are: Denver Knight, Amber, as well as Mrs. Knight, and Rori & CJ Knight.)

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