2 New Podcasts Coming Your Way!

Hello, everyone, and thank you so much for checking out my corner of the web. I’m thrilled to announce two totally awesome podcast channels that I’ll be hosting. One is a solo host and has already started a few days ago, and then one will start this day next week, which I’ll be co-hosting with one of my best friends on a weekly basis. Allow me to tell you what they’re about.

A Year of Positivity Podcast

As you may have already noticed on my personal blog, A Few Beautiful Moments (linked in the menu above as well), I have been actively writing a daily post in my project, A Year of Positivity. Every time I’d publish a new post, it would ask me if I wanted to convert it into a podcast. Well, I’d been thinking about it, and have come to realize that not everyone has the time to sit down and read my daily posts of positivity but they may still want to hear what I have to say.

That’s where my podcast comes into play. Right now, the podcast only has 7 episodes, which have also been uploaded to their corresponding post in my A Year of Positivity blog. There are 52 days total so far that are on the blog, including today (I will upload Day #52 this evening), so please bear with me as I get caught up in the podcast episodes. As for the actual podcast channel, you can check it out on Anchor, which automatically sends the feed out to Spotify. Feel free to follow A Year of Positivity on Spotify. I really hope you enjoy the show!

The Flow of Ink with Willows & Pierce Podcast

I’m incredibly excited to share another brand-new podcast, The Flow of Ink with Willows and Pierce (Official Facebook Page). I will be co-hosting this podcast channel with one of my best friends, a fellow writer, Luna Willows. This podcast will mainly be a once a week chat between us about reviews on the latest books we’ve read, poetry readings, as well as a wide variety of other writing-related topics. We even have plans to implement guests on the show, such as other authors, with interviews about them and their latest projects.

The link in the main menu up top will lead you directly to the YouTube channel where the podcast will be hosted. However, you can also view it here. The first episode will be uploaded on Wednesday September 15th at 7PM EST. As an added bonus, if anyone ever has any questions for us, whether it’s about the episode in question, or for writing tips in general, etc., feel free to leave a comment on each episode, and we’ll address all your questions at the beginning of the following episode. If you check out our show and enjoy it, please go to the YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button, so that you never miss an episode. We can’t wait to see you there!

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