Ordering My Books

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I wanted to inform you that I received an email this morning from IngramSpark. IngramSpark is the Print-on-Demand service and global distributor for a lot of retailers likes Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple Books, and millions of brick and mortar stores.

The email I received talks about how the book industry is now experiencing COVID-19’s negative logistic impacts due in large part to labor and supply shortages and transportation issues. They are expecting that in the coming autumn season, there will be disruptions in the global publishing business with shipping (which will increase costs throughout the supply chain), shortages in consumables used for packing and shipping, and shortages in manufacturing supplies for books and printed matter.

Their email also states, “Like many other companies that rely on warehouses, trucking, and manufacturing, IngramSpark expects to be challenged by labor shortages and transportation challenges. We expect to have difficulty finding available workers in many of our warehouse locations and manufacturing plants. We may also lack enough transportation assets to keep books moving at our typical speed.” Basically, what this means is, if you order any of my books through retailers like the ones I mentioned above (Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple Books), you may end up experiencing delays in shipping and possibly face increases in shipping costs.

As for Amazon, Amazon can do one of two things: they can put in orders to IngramSpark to print books, or they could print the books themselves. Like IngramSpark, Amazon has its own Print-on-Demand service (meaning, they have their own printers). I do not know if Amazon will end up having the same issues as IngramSpark when it comes to transportation and sufficient labor to meet the demands of what customers are purchasing directly from Amazon, though it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for this as well.

The email from IngramSpark continues on to say, “Here is what we are doing to prepare for these challenges:

  • Actively developing wage structures to meet labor market demand.
  • Ordering manufacturing and warehouse-related materials, such as paper and packing materials, earlier and in larger quantities.
  • Working with our transportation partners to anticipate and remove challenges, when possible, through frequent shipping forecasts.
  • Encouraging retailers to stock up early to avoid potential delays.”

That being said, if you’re interested in purchasing any of my written works, I would like to recommend that you strongly consider purchasing the eBook versions rather than the physical paperback copy. I know, I’m a big lover of actually having the physical copy of a book in my hand to read. However, I also don’t want to see you spending more out of pocket in costs for shipping, or experience longer-than-normal delays in getting my books in which you order.

With the eBook formats, there won’t be any shipping costs, the price of the book itself is cheaper, and you’ll have instant access to the eBook, as it will be delivered right to your preferred electronic reading device. If you still decide to order the paperback copy, that’s okay too. Just keep in mind the book industry may need a little patience in delivering the books to you, and also keep in mind that you may possibly have to pay higher costs in shipping. That is all I have for now.

Thank you so much for your time and happy reading!

All my love,

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