A New Page With a Dawn of Darkness Book Update.

Hello, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I hope all is well! It’s been a while since I’ve formally added any news to this site, as I’ve mostly kept my updates on my Facebook page. I have a special announcement for this website, and an awesome update on my Dawn of Darkness manuscript, which if you don’t know is the sequel to Broken. Content editing for Dawn of Darkness has officially been finalized, and has now entered the stage of book formatting for eBook and Print editions. I’m thrilled about this next phase, as it shouldn’t take too long for formatting, and I can’t wait to get this book in your hands to read!

As for this website, I’ve launched a new and exciting feature: book reviews! I’ve done some migration of book ratings already published from the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Booksie publishing platforms. This extra feature I’ve added to my website for book reviews will not feed any additional reviews to each respective platform, as you will have to go to each individual platform respectively if you wish to post reviews there, which is still encouraged and highly appreciated, by the way! I thought it would be nice to add star ratings and formal reviews to my books, as they may be helpful to any first-time visitors to my site, or they may help other people determine whether my books are for them. Right now the only titles that have any reviews are Whitney’s Reprisal, Broken, Lovely Blue Eyes, and Raising the Crown, but if you wish to leave a review for them or anything else, please head on over to the new dedicated page for Book Reviews.

This about does it for updates right now. If you’re a first-time visitor to my site, I wish you a warm welcome. Feel free to check out what I have available and see what’s coming soon! If you’re unsure about purchasing anything, that’s okay. I have some books that are 100% free to read too! Either way, thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Have a joyous, healthy, prosperous, and safe new year! Ciao for now, folks!

All My Love,

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