Special Announcement regarding, “Dawn of Darkness.”

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Tonight’s special announcement will be brief, but entirely dedicated to Dawn of Darkness, the sequel to my Romance-Suspense novel, Broken. I write to you tonight to tell you all that I have officially finished the manuscript, and it has gone been placed in the hands of my editor. It’s a big moment for me, and one that all my Broken fans have all been waiting for! I know I said I was going to continue releasing a chapter of Raising the Crown for every chapter I finished of Dawn of Darkness, but when it came down to the last three, and completed one, I ended up on a roll that I couldn’t stop.

I am taking a little mini break for the weekend for a very special weekend getaway, but when I return, I will promptly resume my duty with writing Raising the Crown. In the meantime, because Dawn of Darkness is now officially in the editing stage, I would like to share its official book cover design. If you have been paying attention, you will have already seen a sneak peek preview of it in my latest introduction video on my Facebook page, or you may have seen it in my emailing list, but I will share it once more in this news update as well. We are so close! We just have to wrap up the final stage of this book, and then it will be in your hands very, very soon! Now for your pleasure, I am excited to share with you the Official Book Cover Design for Dawn of Darkness.

Before I let you go, I’d like to add an additional announcement on top of this. For everyone who signs up for my Premium Access Emailing List, you will get a very special FREE sneak peek into the first 3 chapters of Dawn of Darkness, starting in the next couple of weeks (after editing has been finalized, of course). If you are interested in this, or you cannot wait until the book is officially out before reading more of what’s happening with the story continuing from Broken, now would be an excellent opportunity to sign up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. May peace and good health be with you all!


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