A Few New Changes.

Hello, everyone. I hope this message finds you doing well and in good health! I have several changes I would love to share with you. The first one is quite obvious: there’s been a change in the website design, layout, and of course a new official domain name to www.JenahPierce.com. There is just something about this design that feels more . . . me! I absolutely love being in nature, and this just feels very earthy and relaxing.

I have also made a change to the Cover Design of Whitney’s Reprisal, because I felt like the second edition design wasn’t quite capturing the essence of the excerpt, so I went ahead and redid it, and found myself quite satisfied with the new design! I also made a few small changes to the content too, though nothing major – just minor stuff that irked me. I uploaded the new design and third edition content to Amazon. I would have updated it to the Kobo platform, where I had it up for free initially with the first and second editions. Kobo has since gotten way too complicated and stubborn to the point that I spent hours trying to upload the latest edition. I couldn’t get it up the way I wanted, so I sadly had to de-list it from Kobo.

Photo taken by Mike Ralph.
Cover Design by Jenah Pierce

Whitney’s Reprisal
Third and Final Edition.
Copyright © 2020, 2018, 2017 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Fret not, ladies and gentlemen! Even though I can no longer offer the third and final edition of Whitney’s Reprisal for free on Kobo, I have a substitute in mind for you! If you still want the third edition of Whitney’s Reprisal for free, then you will want to consider signing up for my new emailing list that you can find on the right hand navigation panel of my page under Premium Access, and you can also find it up top in my main links menu. This brings me to another new change I would like to share with you. As of today, my emailing subscription list has gone live!

What does that mean? It means if you sign up for my emailing list (which is free with just your email address), then you will have premium access to free content before anyone else, sneak peaks into upcoming projects, book giveaways in the future through means of contests and random drawings, etc. This would be a great opportunity to consider, and I highly encourage you to check it out, but I do have one thing I would like to ask of you. I am just starting this email subscription service, so I still have to put content into it. It may take me a little bit to load everything into it, as it is complicated and I want to do it right, because this a brand new way of me being able to connect with you on a more weekly basis. I promise I will deliver the free gifts I have announced in the Premium Access page, but I just need a couple days to get that all started. So if you can bear with me on that, I would greatly appreciate it, and I will especially add an extra special thanks of appreciation with your patience and confidence in me. You guys are really awesome and I’m beyond thrilled to be rolling out this new feature!

There is one more piece of news, news that I know some of you have been waiting anxiously for! I have officially released Chapter 21 of Raising the Crown. It took me a little bit to get it finished, because I didn’t like how I wrote the ending part of it the first time I wrote it, so I changed it up to something a little more satisfactory. You may click on its Cover Design below to access the chapter. I do have more changes coming soon, but those require a little more patience and time from me before I can roll those out, so this is all I have for now.

May you all be in peace and good health during these challenging times!

Best Regards,

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