An Update & Change in the Lineup of Novels to Come

Good morning to all from Jenah at 6:12 a.m. EST. I know it has been a little while since my last post, but I’ve been dealing with one health issue after another, or time just got away with me with the normal busy-ness of my days. Honestly, I haven’t written anything of my novels in a couple of weeks, because I just didn’t have the energy after completing daily tasks in my normal routine, or I wasn’t getting sufficient time alone to really get my creative juices flowing.

In knowing that my days have been getting busier and with less time to write my novels in the evening, I knew that coming into the new year I wanted to start waking up earlier at 5am, so that I could have more time to myself in the mornings, before the rest of the world wakes up that is. Most days it’s been peaceful and wonderful. The last week and a half, though, I was allowing myself to sleep in until 7ish, because I still wasn’t feeling well. However, I’m feeling better now, and back to my morning routine of triple foreign language lessons, catching up on my daily games and goals in Words With Friends 2 (a great game that I love playing with people from around the world while learning at least 2-3 new words a day!), and just simply relaxing as I wake my mind slowly in the peace and quiet that comes with this time of the morning.

With that said, I would like to go over a change in the lineup of my upcoming novels. In my previous post, I shared with you the news that the 3rd piece I have in store for release, The Dark Side, but I have since decided to take it out of the lineup at this time. The reason why is this: Netflix is unfortunately being sued by Choose Your Own Adventures publishers for the movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. This has made me realize that I will have to tread very carefully with The Dark Side, and may even have to use a Choose Your Own Adventure publisher to publish it. I’m not ready to go with another publisher at this time, and in fact I will be self-publishing my next few pieces, until I finish all the research I can on writing The Dark Side, a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

I have thought carefully on what I wanted to put in place of The Dark Side in my novel lineup, and have decided to go with a piece I once wrote as a teenager. The original title of this piece I wrote as a teenager was once Raising Dustin, but I’ve changed the title just a couple years ago to, Raising the Crown. It’s prequel piece, Searching For You, was once a fan fiction on a celebrity message forum that no longer exists on the internet, so of course only a couple of my absolutely closest friends who have read Searching For You will know who the original piece was about (and they know not to tell, so it’s our little secret *cue the wink here*). However, I lost all of Searching For You in a computer crash (it was back in the days of “floppy disks” and once I had a PC reformat, so I could no longer use the floppy disk that Searching For You was on), and since the message forum I had it posted on has since been deleted, I don’t care to revive the prequel. I will, however, take some of its most precious scenes, and add them to Raising the Crown, because I feel they will add some beauty and depth to this piece.

Truly I tell you I’m so excited to share this news with you. Raising the Crown has come a long, long way from being the sequel of a ridiculous fan fiction (I almost can’t believe I ever wrote so much fan fiction in my earlier years, but I’m confident in this manuscript’s major evolution from a fan fiction) to a real [fictitious] piece with characters who have grown into their own separate personalities apart from who they used to be, and I have matured them to now face the sensitive, real world issues of racism and hatred with elements of domestic and child abuse. With that said, I will end the post here, but not before sharing with you the [tentative] book cover and synopsis that you can now check out below.

Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.

[Tentative] Synopsis:
With a twist or two in the classic Romeo & Juliet story, Luca Palladino is a young, intelligent prince who represents the forbidden love between famous musician and actor Vince Palladino and Princess Camila Juric, both of whom are from two entirely different neighboring cultures that have been at war with each other over land for many a century. In the wake of Camila’s death only ten years after their split, Vince learns not only how important Camila was in her culture, but he also learns of the ten-year-old son he never knew he had with her. Vince struggles with his Hollywood fame and already being a father of two younger boys while another child is on the way with his wife, Gloria. While he also deals with the loss of his first true love all over again, Vince learns of the fact that Prince Luca was secretly abused by his stepfather in more ways than one. Upon revelation of this devastating news, Vince decides to eventually give up his own personal fame in order to raise Luca into a kind, respectful young king that will break down the barriers of racism and hatred of two warring nations while bringing two beautiful cultures together in peace at last.

Raising the Crown
Second Edition
Copyright © 2019 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

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