Update on Whitney’s Reprisal & A Few Other Upcoming Manuscripts

Photo taken by Jean-Dominique POUPEL.
Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.

Whitney’s Reprisal
Second Edition
Copyright © 2017 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my blog. I promise I won’t take up too much of your time, but I wanted to give a brief update on Whitney’s Reprisal, which is an excerpt to my newly published debut novel, Broken.  Because I have uploaded a second edition of Whitney’s Reprisal to correct a few mistakes that were in the first edition, I decided it would be appropriate to have a second edition cover as well. You should start to see it appear on Kobo and Amazon, but if you don’t right now, please allow 72 hours to appear on whichever tech device you use. That’s it for the update on Whitney’s Reprisal. Now I’d like to briefly introduce you to the next few projects I will be working on, and I will introduce them in the order I will work on them (you will see the list start at #2, because that means it will be second in line after Broken has just hit the market as my first novel).

2. Stronger (Sequel to Broken)
Just like its prequel, this too I shall rate as Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+), but to be honest, if I say any brief synopsis at this time, it will spoil the ending of Broken, which has yet to be sent out to the press during a press release, so I’m just going to let you figure this one out for yourself. Once again, I’d like to share with you that you can now purchase Broken in either paperback or eBook version on all the major retailer websites, as well as their brick-and-mortar stores. I am 12 chapters into the sequel though, so it’s really coming along. 😉

3. The Dark Side (Title is tentative for now and may be subject to change later on)
This manuscript will be different from anything I have ever written to date, and it will be different from anything of mine you will probably read – ever – because this is going to be a fictitious Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel to help raise more awareness on human trafficking by recognizing the dangers, signs, and tragedies that befall so many minors and adults who have been, and will become trafficked for drugs, sex, and/or slavery. I can pretty much guarantee you that most of my works are going to be, in my opinion as the author, rated Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+). However, with this one, I am going to encourage that parents read it with their teenagers and pre-teens, because human trafficking is no laughing matter, and its dangers and warning signs should be discussed with children.

4. The Jenison Files: Return of the Black Fire (Book #1 of this 10-book series)
I am a writer who wants to see what people respond to the most when it comes to my works, so I am dipping my toes in a couple different subgenres. This series is already set to be classified as Crime, Fantasy, and Mystery Thriller. If you have Instagram, feel free to head on over to my Instagram account to see a sneak peek of the first official rough draft of the map of Nok-Wa, the fantasy world that is going be part of this series. If you have not previously seen my [Instagram] post about it, I’ll just briefly share with you now that Detective Aruna Jo Jenison is the female lead for the series, and she’ll start the story out in Vancouver, Washington as a Special Victims Unit Detective from Los Angeles. She’s young, intelligent, and she’s got some mystery of her own.

Her new partner, the ever so handsome Detective Cai Chen, sets up his own mission to find out what she’s hiding and why. Detective Jenison struggles to keep her past behind her once her partner discovers it and it catches up to her, because she will soon find something new about herself. In her newfound discoveries, she inadvertently finds herself in a world different from Earth, a world called Nok-Wa. It is in Nok-Wa that she learns of her special place, as well as the reason for why she was called there. Detective Jenison will struggle to keep the two worlds separate for fear of being seen as crazy, until she learns that an evil criminal mastermind attacking her fellow Earthlings actually comes from Nok-Wa, which will put her at a dangerous crossroads of whether or not to allow her two worlds to collide in order for her to take down her enemy.

That is not the official synopsis, but that’s a brief introduction into the series. I hope you enjoyed the brief read, and I hope this blog post piques your interest in some of my work. Until the next piece is out, feel free to check out what’s already available in the links under the “Menu” section above. Until next time, I wish and pray you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! May safety, peace, joy, good health, and prosperity be with you in, wherever you are, and wherever you go.

See you next year!
-Jenah Pierce

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