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Hello and welcome to my official corner of the internet. A friend of mine a while back suggested I use WordPress as a great and official main source of information, but I have pushed the idea off to the side for a while, because I eventually wanted (and recently started) a separate blog about my experiences with bucket listing and traveling, adventures of all sorts, as well as any other unique moments where I don’t ever want to forget how they made me feel, etc. However, I have since then realized that my friend is right. I should have an official and main source for most of my author social media accounts to connect back to (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). It’s a shame I cannot connect Instagram, where the matter of blog post sharing is concerned, but I have still provided a link to it anyways (above and below), in case one would choose to follow me on that social platform. As for my personal travel and adventures blog, I will still keep writing in it, because I quite enjoy sharing my experiences with others. If ever you should find yourself bored, or curious to know more about me, feel free to check it out in the link above. With all this said, please feel free to put this site on your favorites, or just periodically check Facebook or Twitter to link back to the latest news that will come from here.

As you can see in the graphic listed as the header above, I have three (3) written works available to the public, with two (2) of them being available for purchase, and one (1) available for free. I have provided several links to them above, but before you click on any of them, please allow me to provide you with a little background information on each written work. I will discuss them in order of what is listed in the graphic from right to left, because the one on the right is completely unrelated to the two on the left, while the two on the left are interconnected.

Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.

Never Let Go
Second Edition
Copyright © 2018 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Genre: Fiction.
Subgenre(s): Drama, Romance, and Suspense.
First Publication Date: January 4th, 2018.
Format Availability: No longer available for free or purchase.
Synopsis: Casper Willoughby, a seventeen year old kid who has a promising future ahead in Major League Baseball, is torn between chasing after his childhood dream, or giving up on his future in order to shield his younger siblings from the abuse that he endured throughout his childhood. What will he do?
Price: Free.
Reason to Read: With the number one obvious reason being that it is free, of course, I’d like to also say that it is a chapter-by-chapter release, but 100% free all the way up until the end. There are only nine (9) chapters available right now (in the link above), and I apologize for not having been able to release a new chapter in a while, but I absolutely promise I will finish it. With that being said, if you should choose to read it, then these first nine chapters will help you determine if you would be interested in reading any of my other works. If, and only if I ever decide to publish this piece of work for a price once it has been completed, I already have in mind to invest all 100% of proceeds for victims of Domestic Violence.
Author’s Rating: Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+) for use of strong profane language, domestic violence, and suggestive sexual content (Please Note: This is based on the currently available content that has been released to date. Author’s rating is subject to change upon release of content as the story progresses).

Photo taken by Jean-Domonique Poupel.
Cover Design by Jenah Pierce.

Whitney’s Reprisal
Second Edition
Copyright © 2018, 2017 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Genre: Fiction.
Subgenre(s): Christian, Mystery, and Suspense.
First Publication Date: June 15th, 2017.
Format Availability: eBook (Kobo), Kindle (eBook via Amazon).
Synopsis: Whitney’s Reprisal is an excerpt that will introduce the reader into the 2-book series of Broken / Stronger that is fictitiously intended to raise more awareness on real-life issues such as, but not limited to anxiety, domestic abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.
Price: Free on Kobo, but also available on Amazon for .99 cents if you do not have a Kobo account, or have trouble accessing and reading it on Kobo.
Reason to Read: This excerpt will show you some scenes that I have personally cut out from the finalized manuscript for my newly published debut novel, Broken, but these scenes are still very relevant to the 2-book series, and will provide a little more in-depth information on some of the main characters. You may also read a review of a satisfied customer here (Amazon).
Author’s Rating: Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+) for use of strong profane language, violence, drugs, and suggestive sexual content.

Cover Design by Page Publishing.

First Edition
Copyright © 2018 Jenah Pierce.
All rights reserved.

Genre: Fiction.
Subgenre(s): Christian, Romance, and Suspense.
First Publication Date: September 10th, 2018.
Format Availability: Paperback (via all major brick-and-mortar and online retailers), Kindle (Amazon), Nook (Barnes and Noble), and other eBook purchases can be made via Google Play Store and iTunes (Apple iBooks).
Synopsis: Colby Ryan Wolfe, a Christian male worship musician, falls prey to a snake in disguise by the name of Whitney Kiersereau. In his desperation to escape from her psychological and physical abuse, he turns to her sweetheart of a best friend, Samantha, not realizing that by marrying her and leaving Whitney behind, he unravels a whole chain of events that would become the nightmare of his life. At first, there would seem to be a pleasant calmness in the air following Whitney’s departure from their lives, but then the storm arrives, snatching Colby from an unforeseen trap set out by his ex-girlfriend on a war path. While in Whitney’s captivity for a year and a half, Colby struggles with his faith, and the lines between reality and fantasy blur, placing him on the edge of sanity. Will Colby hold on to his faith through it all, and will he be able to come back from the brink of death, or will he give up after undergoing too much torture and pain he was forced to endure for so long?
Price: Prices will vary, depending on your retailer of choice, as well as your format of choice. Because we are currently in a major holiday season, you will find that there are all sorts of sales going on right now (even free shipping in certain circumstances), so go ahead and take advantage of these sales while they last!
Reason to Read: I will let the first two reviews of this book speak for the book here (Barnes and Noble) and here (Google Books). Also, if you or someone you know is a fan of paperback books, or if you’re interested in an autograph, go purchase the paperback version, and please stay tuned to this blog for book signing opportunities in the near future. The first anticipated book signing is looking like it will take place around spring 2019, possibly March, but the official date has yet to be announced.
Author’s Rating:Mature Audiences Only (aged 18+) for use of strong profane language, violence, domestic abuse, sexual violence, drugs, and sexual content.

I hope you enjoyed the first of what will be many posts on this blog, and if you have a chance to read any of my written works, I hope you enjoy reading them as well. Either way, I am so pleased to have the opportunity to share my latest news with you. Thank you also for all of your patience with me. I pray and wish you all the best of a beautiful holiday season filled with only peace, laughter, and joy. Also I pray and wish you all a safe and prosperous new year!

Jenah Pierce

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